Sunday, February 24, 2008

First Blog Ever!

Hey, You.
Thanks for visiting.  This is my first weblog ever and I am VERY excited.  For the last few years I have seen many blogs; some of them are educational and some are inspiring!  Because of this wonderful world of internet, we are able to share info so fast and so efficiently and I guess I wanted to be a part of it.  I'll try to post anything fun, cool, exciting, useful, etc so we can all waste more time online.  At the same time, I'll try to post every week at least 1 drawing/painting/sketch for you guys to comment, bash, compliment, criticize, complain, or ignore.  

Knock yourself out...



dean kelly said...

"knock out"...i get it!
way to go K.O.
welcome to blogville. population...a lot.
you're bookmarked baby.
great first post, looking forward to seeing more!

bobbyrubio said...

OH, I get it... K.O!
Congrats! Awesome drawing of the robot and girl!

Joseph Lee said...

Cool piece Kenji! And welcome to party pal!

michio O said...

Thanks for sharing 'happy moment' by animation. So, what's the robot and the girl's name?

Operation GutterBall said...