Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Old/hip chinese man

When you drive through San Gabriel Valley, you will notice that there are A LOT of Asians who have immigrated recently. Last Sunday, I was at a stop light on San Gabriel Blvd and Valley Blvd, waiting for the light to turn green and I notice that there was this little tiny guy crossing the street. He was probably about 4 feet tall. And then I noticed that he was an OLD MAN.  He was wearing his baseball hat sideways, a baggy t-shirt, baggy pants and even walked with a limp.  I would say he's either the most hip, senior chinese citizen or some old man accidentally dressed up fashionably without knowing it.  Either way, he made me feel like I found a $20 bill in my jeans before washing them. Sideways smile.

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Operation GutterBall said...

I know what you mean Kenji!